Tuesday, June 22, 2010

you always make me smiling..=)

I already told you..you make me smiling in all the way..i can sharing everything i need..and most important is you are my guardian..you're protective..my safety in your hand..haha..if you read this you will said 'malu fami tau'..haha..you're funny..i need to reaveling all my secret coz of u..but im glad.at least i've somebody to share with.and i want you to forgot all the past..begin with new life..perhaps, its difficult.try to okay..but i don't want make people confius..i know when some people read this they will think you're my special boyfriend..no..you exactly special to me but as a brother and my bestfriend..coz you're taken by someone..i need to say something..when you coming into my life..everything was change..we can sharing everything in a short time even i don't know you very well..but i know..i can trust you..believe me..ZULFAHMI SHAPAWI you're mean to me..

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